4 Animated Films for Crazy Horse People

Are you ready for some nostalgia? We have been googling around looking for some lovely animated films and thought “hey, I should really rewatch all those cool horse ones!”. So we started to look for some precious gems and our all-time favourite animated films and series that have horses in them! Sadly, there are not that many animated films with horses as main characters! :(

Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron

Oh boy boy, this film is all about freedom, hey? This is soooo one of our favourites! How many of you can hold the tears when Rain gets shot? How many of you are not crying rivers during the Sound of the Bungle? But we’re all so happy by the end of the film! It also has one of the best soundtracks, with a mixture of kick-ass songs and lovely ballads! So many rewatches on this :D





The Last Unicorn

Who trapped the unicorns of the world? Who likes Carnival? Hm, do you wonder if this is where Red Bull got their name for the drink??? This old tale of unicorns and magic can be watched on youtube :p

The Silver Brumby

Yeah so there aren’t that many films like Spirit that actually have a horse as their main character. But this is one of our favourite TV series, The Silver Brumby. Could barely wait for the next episode! Plus, really cool intro and really cool animals (when you’re a kid living in Europe the kokkaburra is annoyingly funny!). Good news, guys... you can watch this on youtube :D


Starla and the Jewel Riders

Aaaaaaaaaaah the nostalgia! Who watched this too??? These were the best cartoons ever (closely followed by Sailor Moon!).


Which ones did you watch? What should we add to our selection???

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  • Ewelina on

    I enjoyed so much reading it!! It was something very new to me x

  • Nyree on

    Can’t say I’ve watched any of these but we be definitely putting a few on my watch list!!

  • Adele on

    How cute thank you x

  • Claire - Heart Handmade UK on

    my friends little one is crazy about horses so I will have to send this to her! My husband got me a pink unicorn crochet hook for my birthday :p it’s the best

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