5 youtube channels for equestrian enthusiasts

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Hello, Crazy Horse Lovers! Today we went on to youtube to find some channels with horses in! We quite enjoy some of these and even though most are well-known, others have a lower profile and you might just discover something new! We're ignoring all those "bloopers" and random click baits... instead we're focusing on channels with consistent horsey content :)

We bring you 5 youtube channels for Crazy Horse People! 


Evention TV

Surely you've seen these two guys around? The channel is pretty much full of useful "how-to" videos on a bit of this and a bit of that, plus there are also quite a lot of just plain fun videos! If you have questions, you might find answers in one of these guys' videos.


Horse & Country TV

Ok, so this channel is a bit different. This is the online version an actual TV channel called Horse & Country, belonging to Sky. So even though this one is less of a "how to", is quite good to catch up with some of the most recent horsey news and know a little bit of something about a lot of horse events.


Your Riding Success

This one is for you, dressage lover! You will find plenty of videos with tips on training your horse and how to improve your position, so great for those of you who are keen on improving your dressage skills to get to the next level!


Art To Ride

This channel is a hidden pearl! This man here is one of the few who has explained very clearly some concepts about riding that are quite abstract, like "contact" and the rider position. Based on the teachings of the classical equestrian masters, like Nuno Oliveira, you will find how to improve your position, what you're doing to your horse with your actions and how to train your horse from back to front.


Alycia Burton - Free Riding

Freedom, horses, jumping. No stirrups, no saddle! This channel is for the jumping and adrenaline enthusiasts! You've likely heard of Alycia Burton, who is fond of horses, jumping and not using saddles. Her videos transmit the freedom and the passion of being on the back of these amazing animals!


Did you know all of these channels? Which ones do you think we should add to our list?

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