Gift Ideas - 15 Wrist Watches for Crazy Horse People

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Do you have a friend that is crazy cucu about horses? Is her birthday getting closer and closer and you’re wondering what to give her? Or is there a special occasion coming up? Are you tired of getting lost in time? Are you the type of person that doesn’t really care about clothes fashion at all but just can’t resist some lovely watches? If you said yes to any of these questions, you might have stumbled on the right post.


We have been looking around and found some cool looking watches for crazy horse people and unicorn lovers in zazzle. As you can guess, there’s plenty of cheesyness and pinkness! However, we looked for watches which can get a bit of a twist, so for most of them you can actually customise the bracelet and picture!


Gallopink Hoof Arabian Horse Wrist Watch Gift

The Arabian Lover

This one is for your friend that just loves Arab horses. It's elegant, smooth, and you have plenty of choices for customising this watch. Despite that, our favourite is definitely the simple one - white bracelet, white horse. When we checked, the price was around £50 (please note we are not responsible for the pricing). Bit expensive, but has good reviews (and sure looks good!).

See it here.

A cute unicorn

Ok, so for this one we're showing you the watch with the kids bracelet because it's pink and cute! As well as the pony unicorn on the background! The really cool thing about this one is that you can change the name and get your friend's or niece's name on instead! Yeah it's a bit more childish but hey, I wouldn't complain if I received something like this! When we checked the price for the model we're showing, it was close to £36.

See it here.

Horse love

This one is a bit brighter, huh? You know, shinny, more glitter to show around, with a simple background design. You can choose different types of bracelets and different colours. You can go full pink on this one! But again, we like things you would be happy to wear on your day to day, or not ashamed to offer someone else for them to wear! When we checked the price for this model, it was just above £38.

See it here.

Let's Be Unicorns

Yep, again for this one we chose the kids bracelet because it matches the simple and pink unicorn design. We all wish we could be unicorns! Again, when we checked the price for this model, it was just above £38. We think this look might be appropriate for a younger lady or a unicorn dreamer!

See it here.

White Horse

Ok, we're stepping up the game with this one. This is a seriously elegant watch (with a matching price of about £75) but it makes for a really classy gift especially for mature women. This is our very favourite out of all the ones we've selected, but if the price is a bit stretchy, you can choose a different bracelet to bring it down (we just thought we would show you our favourite, but the gold bracelet is a close match!)

See it here.

A bunch of unicorns

Something a bit more simple with a bunch of unicorn silhouettes. It's great for those who prefer something a bit more subtle and discreet! This model offers quite a lot of options for costumisation and when we checked the price, it was just below £39.

See it here.

For Friesian Lovers

Yep, this horse is for that friend of yours that loves these black beauties! We chose the black bracelet to match the shiny black stallion in the background, however there are other colours and models to chose from. The price was over £39 when we checked it.

See it here.

Golden Unicorn

With a rainbow! This is another sweet watch with a kids bracelet (the kids seem to get the coolest pink!) that allows you to personalise the name. At the same time you can see what it looks like with other bracelet styles and see if there is something else that catches your eye. The price for this model was below £36 when we checked.

See it here.

Running Horses

This is another simple design we have found that might be suitable for your shy - but fashion lover - friend. It displays a pattern of galloping horse silhouettes and offers you several bracelet styles, including leather. The price of the model we're showing was just above £41 when we checked it.

See it here.

Unicorn Overload

Lots of unicorns and rainbows on this one! Again, we chose the soft pink of the kids bracelet, but you can get different bracelets going on. This is a very colourful unicorn watch! It was priced at just below £35 when we checked it.

See it here.

Camargue Horses

For this Camargue-themed watch we chose the elegant silver bracelet instead of the white one that we have shown you on other models. It just makes it sophisticated! And at just below £50, it's more affordable than the White Horse watch we've shown you before.

See it here.

Yin Yang Unicorns

Pretty much self-explanatory! Two unicorns, two colours, two joining opposites. Again, plenty of options when it comes to bracelets. This model was priced at just above £39 when we checked it out.

See it here.

Galloping Horse

We opted for a more classic style on this one to show you what other bracelets you might find. This leather one matches the bay galloping stallion and is a bit more chic and retro. It was priced at just below £37 when we checked it.

See it here.

A Unicorn Party

This unicorn watch has several text areas that can be costumised to make it more magical. We had to put it in since it's so pink and happy! This model's price was below £39 when we checked it.

See it here.

Doughnut Unicorn

Ok so we're not sure if this is a unicorn, a pegacorn, a caticorn or a pegacaticorn... But we like horses, unicorns, pegasus, cats and doughnuts, so we had to put this one in! This model's price was just below £36 when we checked it.

See it here.


So out of all of these, which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments or on our facebook page!

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