10 Unicorn Plushies for Unicorn Lovers!

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We all love fluffy unicorns and every young girl wishes she had one! We looked around for some cute unicorn plush toys and found plenty of them on amazon! Here's a selection of our favourites (can you tell we like pink?).



 Jellycat's Unicorn

Ok so we have seen this one live and it's a cutie! It's quite affordable at less than £26, but if you want to go big you can search their store for the giant version (which is giantly more expensive too).

See it here.

 Aurora Unicorn

Pink and shiny, small and cute and also very affordable at less than £9 on amazon!

See this one here.

Gallopink Hoof Aurora Unicorn Plushie Gift Plush 
Gallopink Hoof Douglas Standing Unicorn Plushie Gift Plush

Douglas Co. Unicorn

A 20cm tall unicorn that actually stands! Omg can you picture grabbing some Barbies and playing with this cutie? We want to go back to being kids now :( This toy was priced at less than £14 when we checked it.

See it here.

Animagic Rainbow Unicorn

So this isn't just pink, it's all the colours of the rainbow! Smaller but so dreamy! Priced at less than £20 when we checked it out, but it was on sale.

See it here.

Gallopink Hoof Animagic Rainbow Unicorn Plushie Gift Plush
Gallopink Hoof Large Purple and Pink Unicorn Plushie Gift Plush

Large Purple Unicorn

Right, now we're in for something big! This one is actually like, 85cm! However, the price doesn't match the size at less than £22 when we checked it out! Unfortunately, it does have an extra UK delivery cost and it sounds like it needs a bit of time to arrive :(

See it here.

Large Pink Unicorn Plush Pillow?

So, for this one you can choose something big, but you can also choose something smaller that is more comfy to be used as a pillow and not just a plush toy. Still quite affordable, the largest size costing £25 - but very easy to order the wrong size, so double check this if you're looking into this product!

See it here.

Gallopink Hoof Large Pink Soft Unicorn Plushie Pillow Plush Gift
Gallopink Hoof Aurora Soft Unicorn Plushie Gift Plush

Aurora Soft Unicorn Plus

Back to cute and soft, this one is just over £10 and is probably the cuddliest of all! Good thing about it too, free UK delivery :)

See it here.

Eastlion Colourful Unicorn

Yep, so next we went looking for something with a bit more colour again and found this plushie. It's not as giant as some of the ones we've shown before but it does come in a huge variety of colours and cost less than £18 when we checked it out.

See it here.

Gallopink Hoof Eastlion Soft Pink Colourful Unicorn Plushie Gift PlushGallopink Hoof Unicorn Plushies Jellycat Bashful Plush
Gallopink Hoof Girlie Paws Medium Pink and White Unicorn Plushie Gift Plush

Girlie Paws Unicorn

Another white and pink, medium size unicorn made for girls and dreamers. Very reasonably priced at less than £9, still looks like a great gift!

See it here.

Light it up! LED Unicorn

So we left the shiniest for last, literally! This plushie is more expensive at almost £60 because it glows. It bloody glows! It's got a bunch of LED lights inside, so it's a great plush and a great lamp! :p

See it here.

Gallopink Hoof LED Light Unicorn Plushie Gift Plush


We have to admit, we are simple people... our favourite is actually the Eastlion colourful unicorn! What's yours? Let us know in the comments or on our facebook or instagram!

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